In preparing the scientific program of the ESBRA 2017 Congress we take into account the ESBRA members’ symposia proposals. Symposia will be allocated to one of the four general scientific program sections:
1. Preclinical – Genetics
2. Clinical
3. Epidemiology – Psychosocial
4. Alcohol-induced organ damage
The principle of how to put together the program of a symposium is to select three to four speakers and one or two chairs/organizers, after choosing a focus on special topics of interest in the above scientific sections.
After a peer review of the proposals by the Scientific Committee, the symposia will be placed in the program of the congress and the abstracts of them will be published in the ESBRA journal Alcohol & Alcoholism. Deadline for symposia proposals is the 28th of February 2017. The form of a submitted proposal should provide names of chairs and speakers, titles and a short description of the content. The time allocated for a symposium is 90 minutes (one and a half hour). Please see below!
Members of ESBRA that will be organizers of symposia have to seek for funds to cover registration, travel costs and hotel for their invitees, either through industry or other non-profit organizations, as ESBRA cannot cover all these costs. With around 4 speakers in a symposium this will sum up to 4.000-5000 Euros per symposium approximately.
Please use the form below and email it to [email protected] for submitting your symposium!

Download the form